Automotive Industry:

Stolen vehicles, On property vehicle damage and unauthorized access are the three major challenges faced by every Truck yard, car dealerships or even private parking lots. Smart Connect’s innovative live video monitoring team watches every move at your premises. Our agents record real time entry/exit Individual and vehicle information .Any damage seen on the vehicle is reported. Our gate and barrier control creates another shield to protect the property.

Construction Sites:

New Development theft related cases are on the rise more than ever now. Material and equipment theft can be put to end with our latest Motion detection security cameras. We combine that with LED strobe lights and External Loudspeakers to communicate and warn any possible intruder. Our 360 degree camera with optical zoom technology works like an onsite security guard. Our agents promptly inform emergency services in case of an intrusion, workplace incident. Self monitored alarm system keeps the remote trailers and temporary offices consistently under observation.


Whether it’s a commercial building, residential apartments or warehouse, our strategically deployed CCTV and access control systems imitates a live security guard present at every corner of the property. Both monitored and self monitored services prevent the occurrence of crime, theft or damage. The retrieved video clips, time stamps has helped police in investigation and later used as evidence in the court. Locker rooms, Common Laundry room and other important places can be equipped with the automated access control system to deter unauthorized entry and record authorized movements.