Automate With the Best in Class

Smart Connect Inc. is a leading provider of Security and IT solutions. We offer the most advanced technology and software to secure and automate your premises. With over 8 years of experience, we bring you the future of Security. We have worked with different clients all over Canada; we understand their unique requirements and give them phenomenal results. We call this being client-centric, people-focused and data-driven.

Our core values of integrity, vigilance and helpfulness are a foundation for our employees.

Facing Initiatives

By providing security solutions for companies and communities, we allow clients to focus on their core business and prosper. We also offer specialized services that help our clients become more efficient and reduce their impact on the environment. For example, our security service teams qualify alongside their client counterparts in initiatives regarding quality, sustainability and the environment.


Our people are the most important component for delivering value to our clients; they truly make the difference. We understand the combination of nature and culture present in every client workplace and country in which we provide service. This interplay of nature and culture underlies our sustainable development initiatives which deliver benefit to local communities in which we serve and society in general.

A commitment to sustainability and diversity. At Smart Connect INC., sustainable operations are the foundation for our long-term growth. The business must be sustainable, not only financially, but also socially and environmentally. For us, corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our everyday work.


  • I think the security services you have been putting out have been exceptional, certainly way ahead of what I get from other sources in terms of quality, specifics and most importantly timeliness, both with regards to information delivery and proximity of the notifications to actual events occurrence.
    Matt Gordon
  • You guys have done a fantastic job monitoring our truckyard sites in Brampton. Thank you!
    Karanjit Singh
  • Smart Connect Inc. are very reliable and cost effective when it comes to protecting our 2 homes. We are extremely pleased with their service. I would recommend their company for all your security needs.
    Colleen Dumas